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What I loved the most about cambioing was that I was fully immersed in the culture.

I cambioed in Zaragoza, a city in Northern Spain with a Spanish native Bimba who was looking to improve her conversational English. We agreed to practise English in an informal way, while she was showing me around the area, and over dinner for example. I stayed for 5 days and loved every minute of it! She showed me around and I got to experience the Spanish culture more than I would if I went on a traditional holiday. She brought me to a tapas bar with her friends, out for drinks and to see the local parks and we spoke English along the way. She even showed me how to cook some delicious Spanish dishes! What I loved the most about cambioing was that I was fully immersed in the culture . If I were to have stayed in a hotel I would have eaten there and used a map to find places to see. However on my cambio I was introduced to many new friends, brought to the local bars and was shown the hidden gems in Zaragoza. Bimba’s conversational English really improved in the 5 days I was there and she’s already planning to cambio with me in Ireland!

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I’m already planning my next cambio

I joined the GoCambio platform as it seemed a great way to travel the world on a budget and as a student, money is often a barrier to travel. I found an ideal host in Seville. She wanted to host a native English speaker that would help improve her 15 year old daughter Maria’s language skills for school as she had exams coming up. We practised English in a relaxed manner, usually in the evenings and we would hang out in a local cafe or go for a walk in the park or over dinner in the host's home. Having Spanish dishes cooked by native Spanish people was definitely one of my highlights too! While Maria was in school I would explore Seville based on information they had given me. In the 5 days I was there, Maria’s English improved and she felt more confident, but she wasn’t the only one. Before I joined GoCambio I was always quite nervous to travel solo but this cambioing experience has really improved my confidence and I feel that being part of this community there is no such thing as travelling solo anyway, you make so many real connections along the way! I’m already planning my next cambio.

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GoCambio helped me to see the world in another way

I went on this cambio in Leeds, England to share my sound engineering skills and music production as the hosts (family of four) were just after building a sound studio and they wanted someone to help them show them how to use it. Most of the time was spent working on on a podcast we were creating and we had the chance to record one of the kids singing. Rather than just living with a family and being immersed in a new, albeit, similar culture, I had the chance to create something with them as well which really connected us. Sound engineering is what I’m passionate about and being able to share my skills with the hosts and improve their knowledge is what really made this experience a great one. GoCambio helped me to see the world in another way too. We’re all different and we all live life in different ways. Even though the cambio was in another English speaking country, everything operated differently than Ireland, or even America did. Living with a family in a foreign city is a more immersive and, in my opinion, more desirable way of traveling than staying in hotels, hostels and so on.

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I think GoCambio combines all of these elements brilliantly.

I joined GoCambio as I thought it would be a great way to improve my English, meet new people and have discover other cultures. I think GoCambio combines all of these elements brilliantly. My guest stayed for a total of five days and fitted in so well with my friends and in the house. She was very funny and we practised English in a fun and laid-back way. I showed her around Zaragoza by day after I finished work and we would practise English as we walked around and then at nighttime we did a few different things like go to the bar to meet my friends, out to dinner and so on. Even though i had a high level of English already, I did improve on the little bits I was didn’t yet perfect. We ended up practising for more than the 2 hours we had agreed on before the cambio as it was such a natural and relaxed thing to do, it didn’t seem like work for either of us!. I even learned a few gaelic phrases from my guest and learned a lot about the Irish culture too, I’m hoping to cambio in Ireland in the near future on a sports cambio.

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I loved it!

When i first heard about GoCambio, I loved it! I love the whole sharing economy concept, how it can connect people and break down barriers. GoCambio struck me as a fully authentic sharing platform as both sides are benefiting so it’s kind of like a barter system. I then travelled to my host’s hometown of Zaragoza where he collected me from the train station and I immediately felt at ease with him and his housemates were really nice too, after a day or so I felt part of their little group. We did a few different fun activities like go to a typical Spanish bar and met some of his friends, we went out to dinner, and he showed me all the cool spots in Zaragoza - all while practicing Spanish of course. Practising English in this way was like nothing i did in the classroom before - it couldn’t of been more different in fact! I loved my cambio experience because not only did I get to stay for free but I got to experience the Spanish culture with a native again, something I really missed since I left there. It also felt great to help Alex master his English.

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We bonded over a mutual love of rugby!

My passion in life is rugby, I actually coach the local women’s rugby team and I was looking for a guest who wanted to share their rugby skills and help me coach. I came across Duncan, a London native who had played U19 years ago who seemed perfect. On the first night of his stay I welcomed him into my wooden cabin, a different world to the bright lights of London he was accustomed to. After a traditional Swedish dinner of meatballs we retired to the sitting room, had a couple of beers while exchanging war stories from the our days playing rugby. Rugby really bonded us but we also chatted about immigration tensions, employment, politics, elk hunting and so on. Both of us crave immersive travel and that’s what we both loved about the GoCambio platform, by being a guest with me he learned more that he could of in a dozen weekend trips to Stockholm staying in a hotel and I learned so much about the English way of life. We had so many laughs together and we were both sad to say goodbye!

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