The idea for GoCambio came to us while walking along a windswept cliff in the far south of Ireland.

We knew that millions of people around the world wanted to improve the skills they had, and maybe learn some new ones. And we also knew that millions more want to travel independently and meet new people.


So if we could connect a few of them, we could make a real difference. We could make the world a little smaller, a little friendlier and a little smarter.

So GoCambio was born to help people learn for free, and find free places to stay.

How do we do that?

It’s simple really.

Hosts share their homes, and Guests share their skills.

It’s a simple exchange between soon-to-be friends. A Cambio.

What does that mean?

Our mission is to connect the millions of people who want to learn new skills or improve the language they are learning with the millions of people who travel in search of unique and independent experiences.

In exchange for a couple of hours a day helping your Host get better at what you do well, you’ll get a place to stay and a warm welcome. And Hosts get to improve a language or skill they are trying to master.

Thinking about your security

Every year hundreds of thousands of people worldwide take homestay, language exchange, couchsurfing and Airbnb trips. So it’s safe to say that this way of travelling is tried and tested. But safety is important, so...

Check potential Hosts and Guests by seeing if they’ve gone through our verification system.

Check their references and reviews on the site once you’ve signed up.

Connect with them through Facebook.

And it’s probably worth getting in touch via Skype for a chat too.

You dont have to pay for anything

You can use our whole service for free. That’s it. No messing about. No small print. No sign up charges. No connection fees.

Fun and Social

Cambioing should be fun, social, educational and exciting. Create your profile. Share your experiences. Connect with people you’d like to meet across the world. Plan a round-the-world trip. Get away for a weekend break. Improve your business English. Pick up a little Spanish. Learn how to unicycle while playing the pan pipes. Who knows where this might lead?

Because when you think about it the way we think about it... Everyone’s got something worth sharing.

Welcome to GoCambio.