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SA, australia
Cathie, Female, 50+ years old
Italian , Japanese , Academic Tutoring , Music , Sports , Other , fitness training , teaching languages , singing , piano , jazz singing and jazz piano , adobe indesign, adobe photoshop
I am a female who lives in a secure Adeladie City Apartment with two bedrooms, one shared bathroom. The apartment is located within the popular east end cafe precinct with nearby Parks and gardens. Everything you could want is within walking distance or close to public transport. It is a great Lifestyle
Tiffany, Female, 21-25 years old
Nepali , Spanish ,
A cosy home, but lots of privacy. I will add more to this description at some time later on, but just for now I just want to complete my profile. Only a few characters to go. Nearly there. There we go!
nsw, australia
Igino , Male, 26-30 years old
Chinese ,
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Whether it’s a continent, an island, or just a country, Australia is still one of the premier places to visit on a trip down into the Southern Hemisphere.

What skills are in demand?

Many residents of Australia are first or second generation Australian whose families immigrated here recently. These people will always appreciate a guest who can share in their parent language such as Malay, Fijian, Javanese and Madurese. Australians are fond of travelling abroad and learning more about the world so any extra language skills like French and Spanish will be appreciated. Having so much space to play around in also means teaching a skill or sport should be pretty easy in your Australian homestay.

Top 3 places to cambio:

Most of the biggest towns and cities in Australia are clustered by the coast and it is more than likely your homestay will be located here too. There are plenty of attractions both natural and manmade to be found here.


The pearl of Australia’s cities, Sydney is world famous and for good reasons: the busy white sands of Bondi, the sails of the iconic opera house, as well as plenty of wildlife parks, aquariums, museums, historic churches, forts and residences make visitors spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a homestay and seeing everything. A port city, Sydney also has plenty of beautiful beachside views to soak in while you sunbathe your worries away.

The islands of Australia

Probably one of the more well-known of Australia’s attractions are its islands, with Fraser, Lord Howe and Hayman islands probably being the big ones. Fraser in particular is a natural wonder as it is the largest sand island in the world and has a small dingo population in its centre. Lord Howe Island offers historic museums as well as large forest full of unique animal species protected by the Australian government. Hayman Island is famous for its resort area which attracts thousands of visitors each year.


Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne has plenty to see and do, in this case it is an especially sporting town. It offers many arenas and stadiums for catching a few games of footy as well as a cool sports museum within its limits. It is also very close to many national parks such as Moonlit Sanctuary, Dandenong and the botanical gardens. Those of you interested in Australia’s past scientific discoveries and historical origins can also visit the Scienceworks, the State Library and the Immigration Museum.

Top 3 Things to do on cambio:

Australia has quite the reputation when it comes to adventuring. Large swathes of the country still have a frontier spirit and are practically untouched by humans so you never know just what you might find or do.

Surfing and watersports

Australia of course has its famous Great Barrier Reef that sees hundreds of diving trips each year to explore the colourful and bizarre creatures below. The many cityside surfing spots give plenty of reason to get your board out and catch some waves with your mates. Tonnes of beaches in Australia also offer canoe and jet ski rental no matter which coast you are living on. Always be good though and treat the waterways and sea life of Australia with respect and care.

Finding amazing animals

The wildlife of Australia is one of its most visible draws. Seclusion from the rest of the world means Australian mammals, birds, reptiles and insects are almost universally unique; from its kangaroos to wombats, saltwater crocodiles to kookaburras. Out at sea there is plenty to see too with shark cage diving and spectating making for an amazing show of the power of these animals. You can also do a spot of whale watching while you are out on the open water.

Exploring the outback

When you think outback you may think just dusty trails and long, lonesome roads. What you may actually forget is that Australia’s interior is a massive set of ecosystems hidden away off the beaten track. Alpine heaths, rainforest, waterways and subterranean caves all await explorers of all talents and experience. Cycle trips and downhill boarding are just some of the ways to get around the outback that are a little out of the ordinary.