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A charming and well maintained country neighbouring great nations like the Netherlands, Germany and France, Belgium is a country with many cultures, faiths and histories. A modern society blessed with pleasant weather, ancient castles and a very interesting and diverse people.

What skills are in demand?

Many people in Belgium are bilingual (often divided between Dutch and French speakers) and have strong links with the EU. Despite being good with language, the people in your homestay can never have too much practice so European language speakers (Spanish, Italian, English etc.) will find themselves very welcome in Belgium. Teaching a new sport from overseas such as martial arts or watersports might be cool too, since Belgium’s central location in Europe means it sees a lot of different sports played in it.

Top 3 places to cambio:

Belgium’s biggest draws are by far its many beautiful and well organised cities. The countryside is of course well worth a visit, but for all the best of Belgium you needn’t go far from these places.


Belgium’s capital is one of the busiest cities in the world, with visitors coming from all over the world to enjoy its sights and also for official business owing to the city’s importance in the European Union. A homestay in Brussels has a bit of everything nearby, from modern art to traditional architecture, local specialties to foods from across the continent, temples and churches to memorials to those lost in war. Brussels is a likely candidate for a visit to Belgium and is surely not going to disappoint.


Probably one of Belgium’s trendier cities, Antwerp is a place to visit if you enjoy some of the finer things, including good food, art theatre and music. The Antwerp fashion scene is quickly growing into one of the most prolific in Europe. You can see some of its proud tradition of visual arts in places such as the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, The MAS building with its funky angular design, The Fotomuseum and the Museum of Modern art. Even the city’s architecture is a testament to its tradition of design and art.


Though not quite as hidden away as it used to be thanks to an explosion of popularity in media, Bruges is still not a place to miss for a serene and hauntingly beautiful city in Belgium’s North Coast. The canals and alcoves of Bruges are well known for their decorative splendour and a homestay here is among one of the most historic buildings in the entire country. The most famous buildings in the city today are arguably the Belfry of Bruges, the Church of our Lady and the stunning Basilica of the Holy Blood.

Top 3 Things to do on cambio:

The Belgian countryside offers a healthy mix of adventure and quiet countryside with plenty of small towns and village on offer to act as base camp to your Belgian visit.

Exploring History of 20th Century Europe

Belgium has been at the centre of Europe’s most tumultuous periods, especially in the 20th century. Here in Belgium’s old battlefields and smaller towns you can visit the many memorials to the past that stand today and learn more about these conflicts. They are a place to pay your respects to those from around the world, near and far, of many cultures who were lost in this one small yet very important country.


Despite having a relatively small coastline, Belgium is a country in love with its own waterways and water activities. During the year you can travel to Belgium for a spot of lakeshore swimming, canoeing on its rivers and also water biking, where you can skim over a flat body of water on a floating oversized bike! Many of Belgium’s waterways are the best place to enjoy the natural wonders of the country such as waterfowl, otters and some peaceful fishing spots.


Now for something a little more on the wild side, you can enjoy Belgium’s hills and mountains for some offroad fun. Several off road courses exist that allow you to rent out ATVs, buggies and 4X4s for some muddy mountain fun. Mountain Biking and stunt biking remain very popular in the country with some Belgians going on to win global competitions.