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Brazil is famous for its sense of style and beauty. When you visit you will instantly fall in love with her steep hills and forest trails. Venture deep into the Amazon or feel the sea breeze, snack on a Bauru and cheer on for your soccer team of choice. Maybe let loose and go crazy in Rio!

What skills are in demand?

English and South American Spanish can be quite useful as languages to teach while on a visit to Brazil owing to the many countries neighbouring it. People would also appreciate new practical or technical skills such as mechanical skills or carpentry out in the country. Dance lessons may be a fun thing to teach in exchange for your homestay too.

Top 3 places to cambio:

It goes without saying that a homestay in Brazil is in one of the most naturally diverse and simply massive countries in the world. However it is probably still much more famous for its many large cities and towns.

Sao Paulo

The most populous city in all of the Southern Hemisphere, Sao Paulo has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the most rainy cities in Brazil. What it lacks for weather it makes up for in people. A collection of diverse communities including large Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese communities along with many other nationalities thrown into the mix makes the city culturally diverse. Add to this the fantastic night-life and festivals held in the city all year round which make it a great choice for a cambio.

Rio de Janeiro

Probably Brazil’s biggest tourist draw, Rio is known for its amazing setting, between sea and mountain, as well as its many famous landmarks such as Copacabana, Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf mountain and one of the biggest parties of the year, The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. You have a great waterfront for swimming, sunbathing and watersports as well as a a few hiking routes just within the city limits. A visit to the city also offers plenty of chances to meet with people travelling from all over the world so is as much a multicultural experience as Sao Paulo is, only in a more tourist oriented setting.


Salvador is a much more historic colonial city than its larger counterparts though it still manages to offer brilliant beach access and high end shopping centres. The city is deeply connected with its African roots as can be seen in its African festivals, food and also its history preserved in museums. Its Catholic and Pentecostal churches provide for beautiful architecture to snap photos of and it also has plenty of hills and parks to relax and survey the city from.

Top 3 Things to do on cambio:

Brazilians tend to favour getting out and taking part in activities outside in the South American Sun. Sports are the pastime of choice for many and for visitors the best experience Brazil has to offer is outside.

Play or watch some football

The homeplace of Pele, Ronaldinho and Kaká might hint that Brazil has a thing going on with football. You can travel to the heartland of the sport in South America and experience a country that excels in the sport, doing what they do best. The many stadiums in the country offer plenty of chances to catch both local and national club games and a Brazilian football match is something to witness at least once on a trip. What’s stopping you from taking part yourself during a visit? Buy a cheap ball and have a kickaround with your host and enjoy the Brazilian sunshine!

Fun on the Beach

Brazilian beaches are amazing spots to relax away the day. White sand, blue waters and a cool drink to enjoy them with. What’s more you can get up to all sorts of fun games while you are there. Beach volleyball is a good choice with your new Brazilian friends, as is renting out a kayak, jet ski or surfboard. Travelling along the coastline you will also manage to come across plenty of tropical islands to discover along your way.

Trekking the Amazon

As if Brazil didn’t have enough great places to travel to and stay on its coast, it contains most of the Amazon rainforest in its borders too! Great green swathes of forest are packed into the Brazilian interior, full of massive towers of trees and great canopies that block out the sun. The wildlife of the rainforest is world famous from its beautiful jaguars, coiling snakes, fantastic Birds of Paradise and loudmouthed monkeys and apes. As a traveller, always be sure to treat this precious land with respect and never use it as your rubbish dump!