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A country as well known for its love of beauty and vibrant lifestyle than anything else. France has one of the world’s most picturesque landscapes and a charming people, inspiring many artists from Picasso to Monet. It’s the country that sets the standard for style across the world.

What skills are in demand?

Depending on where you go on your cambio in France, different languages will be in demand; English is often useful to a French family, especially in the North towards Brittany and Normandy though Spanish and German are useful throughout the rest of the country. The French are proud of their cooking, and so if you have any cooking techniques to teach that may be a good skill to have going with you on cambio.

Top 3 places to cambio:

France is a big country, and has plenty of variety for you to enjoy, from a cool and green North to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean and in between the beautiful French cities.

Brittany and Normandy

The French Northwest is one of its most historic and picturesque regions- full of green hills, fresh Atlantic beaches and small country towns and fishing villages. It also includes some medieval wonders like Mont St. Michel and many great castles and towers that still manage to stand today after centuries such as Château de Falaise and Château de Dinan. They also have many memorials and important sites related to WW2 such as Omaha beach and the American and French Cemetery Memorial.

Côte d’Azur

The Southern Coast of France provides a great getaway for your French visit. The calm and warm waters of the Mediterranean lap against the sandy beaches and serve as the backdrop to some of France’s more relaxed places. It includes the regions of Provence and Languedoc Roussillon- beautiful regions for those who like a bit more sun and surf. Agde and Sète are two towns to visit for their laid back atmosphere and fantastic camping facilities. The South also holds fine vineyards for those connoisseurs among you.


For the best of both worlds, you can always opt for Auvergne. Full of Medieval landmarks, grand cities such as Clermont-Ferrand, Vichy and Moulins and many secluded though entrancing Abbeys and churches. Auvergne is also famous for its natural landmarks such as glistening lakes and the puys: long extinct volcanoes that formed strangely shaped sunken mountains. Auvergne is as attractive as any other French destination but also not quite as expensive as say Paris or Strasbourg.

Top 3 Things to do on cambio:

France has plenty on offer when it comes to sporting events and activities. The variety of landscapes in this large country is staggering from its chilly mountain peaks to its dense urban sprawl.

Winter sports

Winter in France draws just as many visitors as in summer, thanks to a booming Winter Sports industry that is the main draw of Alpine France during the peak season. Skiing is of course the sport of choice with many resorts lining the countryside for all levels of experience with accompanying snowboard routes. Ice skating is also popular both in the country and in artificial rinks in cities during the lead up to Christmas.


France is absolutely smothered in potential cycle routes from its top to its bottom. It is of course the home of the Tour de France and for good reason. Gentle hilly tracks lead up to more challenging mountain trails meaning everyone has a place where they can feel comfortable cycling on. Cities tend to have good facilities for cyclists if you want to tour a town at your own two-wheeled pace. And of course, you can’t get more typically French than cycling country roads taking in the scenery with a picnic in your basket.

Exploring Paris

It is the elephant in the room at times, but yes you can’t really visit France without visiting Paris at some point. One of the most famous cities in the world, getting around it is an adventure in itself. The many big attractions in Paris are just as impressive as they appear in postcards and are mostly accessible on foot. Driving in Paris is not advised to the faint of heart especially if you want to see the sights. It is best to wander through the streets yourself and get a real feel for the place. Shopping around is bound to find you something interesting in a corner store somewhere and of course if your host knows the city well you will already have a decent guide on your stay.