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Pest, hungary
sdg, Male, 18-20 years old
English , Other , good listener/advice giving
Panna, Female, 36-40 years old
English , Italian , Arts And Crafts , Music , input skill
Nice house with big graden at the garden suburb not so far from the center. It is a house with two separet rooms, and living room with an open kitchen. We have 2 kids ( 3+5 years old) . We also have a cat and a dog, but they are living out also.
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An Eastern European country that is a favourite destination of travelers everywhere. Fabulous buildings and parks adorn each city and the countryside comes alive with vineyards, villages and flat plains.

What skills are in demand?

Hungarians will find various European languages useful, like German, English, Italian, Romanian, Slovakian etc. owing to its many different neighbouring countries and cultures. Hungarians are very proud of their history in art and so if you can give a few extra tips in brightening up your homestay that might be appreciated.

Top 3 places to cambio:

Hungary’s cities hold onto relics of ages past, especially some middle eastern influences in architecture and culture.


Hungary’s capital and a magnet for interrailers the world over, Budapest is often considered divided by the Danube River into the historic Buda district and a more modern Pest. You can find plenty of cool places to visit in the city such as the Royal Palace with its fancy gardens and terraces on Castle Hill and Vajdahunyad Castle which is found in the city park. Other attractions include the spired Parliament buildings, the Fisherman’s Bastion, and the Shoes on the Danube Promenade memorial.


A University town in southern Hungary, Pécs is a place to enjoy some quieter moments than the raucous Budapest. You will find plenty of cultural curiosities here including many great Mosques, a Cathedral, Roman ruins and intriguing art exhibitions of famous Hungarian painters. Of course it has plenty of cafés and restaurants to feed all the hungry students where you can relax and enjoy some good Hungarian food too.


Just as historic as other cities in Hungary, Eger is a castle city located in the North of the country. The Egri Vár Castle is one of the biggest draws to this place alongside its Gothic palace and museum. The town also stages reenactments of sieges that the city endured in its past now and again. You can still explore the underground passageways used by the soldiers of Eger back in the olden days. For something more modern and peaceful, the city plays host to plenty of art galleries for aficionados out there.

Top 3 Things to do on cambio:

Hungarian Hosts will always ensure you are kept busy during your stay, as there is much to do in the country when you arrive there.

Taking a dip in a thermal bath

Hungary has over 1000 hot springs for you to take a dip in, with 100 found in Budapest alone. Geothermal vents deep underground heat the water above them and this bubbles to the surface piping hot and ready for you to bathe in. The baths are a great way to relax in Hungary even in the middle of Winter and with so many around you are bound to pass by one eventually. Each one has a different mineral make-up that is said to be helpful in some way to anyone who takes a dip in them. Think of them as a very fancy outdoor swimming pool and you will be on the right track.

Enjoying fine wines

Hungarian wine is among the finest to be found in Europe and Hungarian vineyards are well worth a visit. Set against the backdrop of Hungary’s northern mountains, visitors to these vineyards are treated to some sweet Hungarian reds that go great with dinner made in your homestay.

Horse Riding

The Great Hungarian plain occupies the centre and southern reaches of the country. Here the countryside is almost universally flat which gives you a great chance to live out some wild west fantasies by going for a gallop on a fine Hungarian horse. You can enjoy the fields and small villages of Hungary by horseback and get a real feel for the countryside and its beauty.