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Ireland is a little nation big on personality; you won’t find a better place to have a homestay anywhere that is as good to party in. Arrive on cambio and you will be staying with a warm and welcoming Irish family that is always ready to give you the time of your life!

What skills are in demand?

Irish people are often very curious of the outside world. European languages like French, German, Spanish and Italian are useful, but Eastern European languages such as Polish and Lithuanian are quickly becoming some of the most commonly spoken languages on the island. Any skills can be useful to teach in your Irish homestay, particularly any musical or artistic skills you have.

Top 3 places to cambio:

Ireland is a country of rolling hills and beautiful scenery. Bustling cities give way to quiet countryside and glistening waterways. In the end the biggest attraction of Ireland will always be the people.

The Coast

Anyone can visit Ireland’s many historic and charming towns, but for the real Ireland you have to travel along its beautiful Atlantic coastline. Hire a car and drive along the wild and windy cliffside roads and visit the many seaside towns like Bundoran, Curracloe and Youghal (The home of GoCambio). Travel along the Gold Coast Road and experience the beauty of the Southeast. The famous Cliffs of Moher stand near Lahinch and many of Ireland’s smaller islands provide both a secluded retreat from civilisation and act as time capsules to the past of the country through ruins like Skellig Mhichíl (which Star Wars fans may recognise) and the Blaskets.

The Cities

While Dublin is Ireland’s largest city, it is not the only premier destination in Ireland. The historic cities of Galway, Kilkenny and Belfast are often cited as some of the best in the country. Galway for its young, cosmopolitan population and a love of the arts, Kilkenny for its Medieval buildings and pleasant atmosphere and Belfast for its fascinating historical significance both in Maritime history and political history as shown in its famous spine-tingling murals.

The River Shannon

The longest river in Ireland, the River Shannon starts deep in the island’s interiors and snakes its way down the midlands and out to the coast. Boat tours often follow its course throughout the year and offer glimpses of many parts of the island- its farmlands on the Shannon floodplain, The Viking, Medieval and Colonial settlements that were built on its banks, Limerick city at its mouth and the coastline of the counties of Limerick and Clare lining the estuary. You can fit a lot in one little boat journey!

Top 3 Things to do on cambio:

Ireland is a big fan of both field sports and watersports given its island geography. From surfing at the coastline to kicking a ball around a field, to much more quiet and relaxed activities, there’s a lot to do on this little island.

Go see a hurling match

Hurling is one of Ireland’s most breathtaking and adrenaline packed activities. A game of skill and speed similar to hockey though with much more aerial action, Hurling is one of Ireland’s most popular gaelic sports with an athletic tradition stretching back centuries. Matches are broadcast across the nation and being in a crowd during a hurling match is an exhilarating experience of thrills, gasps and shouts of victory.

Head to the races

Ireland has a booming Horse and Greyhound Racing tradition, and racing festivals are a massive event. Here you can dress up in your fanciest clothes, grab a glass of champagne and cheer your favourite racer to the finish line. Horse Races are a massive social event for people of all walks of life in Ireland. For the motor-lovers out there, you can also visit the country for its many rally stages, “hot rod” races and cycle events. A homestay is never too far away from any fast paced fun.

Enjoy the pub and club scene

Ireland’s social excursions are world famous. Even when not partaking in locally brewed beers ciders and whiskeys, you can enjoy the good natured atmosphere of an Irish pub. The social gathering of choice besides sporting events, Irish Pubs are a compact form of the island’s own personality; friendly, lively and a place of news, music, art and good fun. While clubs are much like their international counterparts, they have their own charm as Irish people rarely let the chance to get on the dancefloor pass up.