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Italia, a home of fine food, a lively and passionate culture and a sunny place between the mountains and the sea. Italians are people who love making a fuss and make you a part of the family. The beautiful Italian climate is great for relaxing in, but also for highlighting the beautiful rolling hills and shoreline of the Italian countryside.

What skills are in demand?

English will be in demand on your visit to Italy, along with other major EU languages like French, Spanish and German. Languages from the Adriatic might be of interest too like Croatian, Slovenian and Albanian. Any artistic skills you have and can pass on would be nice to share with the expressive and colourful Italian culture as well as some tips on winter sports, especially for those who don’t live that close to the Alps but who want to visit there.

Top 3 places to cambio:

Italy is famed for its great scenery and the Mediterranean lifestyle. It is also enriched by its Roman history with plenty of fantastic destinations to visit.

Rome, Venice and Milan

The more famous cities of Italy have quite a lot to live up to, and the streets and buildings of these ancient cities are just as impressive now as they were back when they were built. Rome of course has its bombastic Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, The Vatican and the Pantheon. Venice with its canals, bridges and basilicas and Milan has the magnificent spires of Il Duomo as well as its many towers and castles for you to visit and enjoy. Milan is also considered one of the fashion capitals of the world so be sure and pay a visit if you consider yourself any bit of a fashionista!

Pompeii and Vesuvius

Ever under the metaphorical shadow of the mountain, Pompeii draws thousands of people a year to witness this tragic Roman town’s remains sitting quietly in the Italian sun, with mournful plaster casts of its former inhabitants representing the ghosts of its ancient past. Aside from this, Pompeii is a fascinating look at a well preserved Roman urban area and its sunlit streets offer a beautiful open air experience. It’s not the only star of the show, as you can visit Vesuvius and take a tour right up to top of the mountain, peering into the crater below. Wrap up warm though; it may be a volcano but it still gets windy and wet up high.

The Islands: Capri, Sicily, Sardinia, and the Aeolian Islands

The islands of Italy served as the getaways of emperors and still contain lavish villas and massive gardens throughout. One of the most famous is Capri with its Blue Grotto and the Tiberio Palace. Further south you’ll find the Aeolians which aren’t quite as relaxing and idyllic, instead being formed by massive volcanic eruptions that spill into the sea. Though not a place for a picnic they are no less spectacular to hike over and enjoy the spectacle of Mother Nature emerging from deep within the Earth’s core. And of course, why visit the Aeolians and not visit the beautiful and fiery Sicilian countryside. Sardinia, far out to the west, also offers plenty of amazing views and ancient ruins for you to discover.

Top 3 Things to do on cambio:

Italy is a country of many different landscapes and climates from North to South with plenty in between to have fun doing on a cambio.

Exploring the Alps

The Alps are the natural border between Italy and the rest of Europe and provide a tonne of activities to partake in throughout the year. Summer hikes in the foothills provide mind-blowing views of the surrounding countryside, while during Winter ski slopes open as well as cable cars, funiculars and trains leading up to the higher reaches. Of course those brave souls out there can organise a climbing expedition into the depths of the Alps, and gaze up at Monte Bianco, basking in the chilly Alpine air.

Play soccer with Europe’s finest

Italy, in particular in cities like Milan, Turin and Naples, has a love affair with soccer. Many of the country's greatest heroes have played the game and it provides some of the best entertainment to offer in Italy. Find a ticket to a football match and feel the rhythm of the crowd in one of Italy’s massive stadiums. If you can’t see passion in Italian culture, then you will most certainly see it here.

The Food and Drink

Italy is nothing if not proud of its food culture. However, what you may know through going to foreign based Italian restaurants is that the authenticity of the food affects its quality a lot. Italian culture makes a careful balance of flavour and cooking methods to give you the real taste that you are looking for. Pasta, Pizza, Cheese dishes, Olives, Oils and Pestos: real Italian food you get your hands on is well worth the effort. While you are in Italy be sure and try the Mozzarella di Bufala (Buffalo Cheese) or Focaccia (Flavoured Italian Bread) for some premier Italian recipes. Some you may already know dishes like Risotto, Agnolotti and sweet Tiramisu. Each region has its own little specialty so ask your host for some ideas while you are visiting.