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The Mediterranean's best known destinations and a favourite for travellers of all stripes. Amazing History, Food, Sunshine and People; Spain is bursting at the seams with all of them.

What skills are in demand?

In Spain, you will more than likely be helping to teach European Languages like English and French as well as some Arabic due to the country’s closeness to North Africa. A sports partner could also be fun for a cambio Guest, and maybe some cookery skills will be useful for a potential host.

Top 3 places to cambio:

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to the amount of places to visit in Spain. A cool and idyllic Northern countryside gives way to the hustle and bustle of the hot South and a beautiful seafront leaving plenty to be experienced in between.

Seville and other historic cities

Historic cities like Seville, Toledo and Cacéres offer glimpses into Spain’s glorious past; a fantastic display of towers, cathedrals, bridges and palaces that offer plenty for you to stare at in wonder. Each has its own speciality such as Seville’s Alcazar, Toledo’s Monastery of San Juan, and the towers and castle walls of Cacéres. If you visit on any of the Holy Days of the Christian calendar you will also be sure to see a solemn but stunning procession marching through these places to mark the occasion.


Considered by some to be the centre of Catalonian culture, Barcelona has a reputation as being one of Spain’s finest modern cities. Beautiful, vibrant and full to the brim with things to see and do, it is the perfect place to visit on cambio to experience Spain’s mix of history and modernity. When visiting be sure and check out Park Güell, the Casa Batlló and of course spend some time exploring the Gothic Quarter of the city. When you have finished your sightseeing you can spend some time in Barcelona’s great shopping areas or catch a game at Camp Nou.


The capital of Spain is a grand city that mixes the many cultures of Southern Europe as well as Northern Africa. Some of the largest and most imposing buildings in all of Spain can be found here such as the Royal Palace, the Egyptian style Temple of Debod, El Escorial and Almudena Cathedral. On a busy day in the Spanish sun, you will be looking for a nice place to relax in too; look no further than Buen Retiro Park, Casa de Campo and the Plaza de Cibeles. El Rastro, the Madrid flea market, is always a blast when you see traders rushing about looking to sell off that last bit of merchandise before the evening time.

Top 3 Things to do on cambio:

During the year Spanish people take part in many important and colourful cultural events that you can experience during your time on cambio.

Learn to Dance

Spanish Dance is well known for its high-energy, sizzling and stylish dances such as the famous Flamenco, the Cachucha in Andalusia, the Jota in Asturias and the Muiñeira in Galicia. Each one is distinctive in the many regional cultures of Spain and each has its own story in Spanish history. If you have an interest in dance it is one of the best ways to get to know the Spanish way of life being expressed through dance.

Enjoy the Waters of Spain

Watersports are one of the more popular ways to cool off in the Spanish sun for both Locals and visitors. A trip to the coast can involve a good surf session, windsailing, canoeing, and of course swimming. Beaches can get quite busy during summer so ask your host About any quieter ones nearby. Spain’s rivers and lakes also give you plenty of reason to get outside and get wet! The sea provides a rest from the hot southern sun and gives you a chance to let your worries and stress melt away on the shoreline.

Take part in a Festival

Spanish festivals are something special indeed when you come to visit, and these are no exception thanks to the fact that you get to take part in the fun! During Las Fallas in Valencia you can watch as carefully made effigies and displays are burned and light up the night’s sky in dazzling fire. Before Easter Week you can enjoy the parades and music of Carnival before the quieter but haunting Easter processions. For a bit more fun you can take part in Medieval Festivals complete with horse racing, mock battles and fairground attractions. And probably the most unique is La Tomatina in Buñol, which is one of the world's biggest food fights where every person is given a supply of tomatoes and told to go crazy with them!