About Me

A friendly traveller wanting to share my experience producing online content within the travel industry, or to help you with university studies in history or international politics.

Special needs Vegetarian

Education: Phd in Political Science at Karlstad University.

Qualification: Bachelor Degree at University Of Sydney ,
Masters In Research at Macquarie University .

My occupation is: Content Manager/Doctoral Researcher

My Languages and Skills

English (Native)


Swedish (Bilingual/fluent)


Russian (Limited)


Icelandic (Beginner)



Academic Tutoring

international politics and history

Academic Tutoring

digital content management


travel blogging


Living in Sweden

I am Australian

My age range is 26-30 years old

I am available in

  • Jan
  • Feb
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Host Preferences

  • I have no smoking preferences.
  • I would love to cambio in: Asia / Middle East / South America / Africa / Argentina / Azerbaijan / Bangladesh / Brazil / Chile / Costa Rica / Faroe Islands / Georgia / Germany / India / Israel / Italy / Jordan / Malta / Mexico / Mongolia / Nepal / Portugal / Russia / Spain / Sri Lanka.
  • I would love my Host to be at least 25 and not older than 50.
  • In my experience, I love teaching: Everyone.
  • I would love my Host to accept 1 extra companion(s).
  • My perfect Cambio environment is in: Family.

I have no Cambio offer history

I have no references.

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