About Me

Hi, my name is Tommy! I like to explore and try new things. I love a lot of things but my favourite are drawing, movie production and editing, books, hiking and running (sports in general). I love animals, dogs especially. I hate spiders (but I don't kill them). I love to talk and make people smile

I have no special needs.

Education: High School Diploma in Graphic Design at Paolo Toschi Artisti College,
High School Diploma in Directing And Screenplay For Cinema at Bologna's National Cinema Accademy.

I have yet to share my qualification details.

My occupation is: Movie Director

My Languages and Skills

English (Bilingual/fluent)



Academic Tutoring


Arts And Crafts



video editing


No specific skills specified.


Living in Italy

I am Italian

My age range is 21-25 years old

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Host Preferences

  • I have no smoking preferences.
  • I have not specified any location I would like to travel to.
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