At GoCambio we have a mixture of people working; from students to single men and women, to hard working and loving parents. So, if we were going to choose a Cambio Partner, what would we do?

Firstly, we want you to know that your safety is important to us. While we have thought about and provided as many tools as possible, as with any travel, we urge you and your potential Cambio Partner to do in-depth research on each other. Social media, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles can provide you with a huge amount of information. Trust your gut feeling and if you feel uncomfortable in any way – do not Cambio with that person.

Hundreds of thousands of people are doing this already
None of what we are doing is really new. In the last six years other platforms have developed where you can be a Guest or a Host. Hundreds of thousands of people have exchanged and very few serious issues have arisen. In other words, people are becoming more used to opening up their homes, and staying in homes – more so than a decade ago.

You are in control
Language exchanges for young people have been happening for decades. They are however dropping in popularity because parents are rightly concerned about the wisdom and safety of sending their children abroad to live with families that they don’t know (which incidentally they have done for years with very few problems). GoCambio has removed that issue by bringing the tutor to the young people, which means that if you are a parent – you are in control.

Here are the tools that we have provided to help you make the right choice:


To ensure people are real and not robots we ask for email and google-type phone verification. You should ensure that your Cambio Partner has done this.


To get a better view from a responsible third party we have a simple and effective online reference tool. It connects a Cambio Partner to past, present employers or educational establishments. You can request access to this information.


Cambio review rating system – after a Cambio has taken place, Guest and Hosts are asked to review and rate their experience. Be sure to check out your potential Cambio Partners review before making a decision.

Here is what we suggest you do when considering a cambio


Check your Cambio Partner has done this.


Check out all social media sources of your potential Cambio Partner – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. These SHOULD all give you a good indication of the character of your Cambio Partner.


Request access and check out the references.

  1. Check that the website of the company or organisation is real.
  2. Look for the name of the referee within that organisation (just to see if the referee actually exists).


Check your Cambio Partner has done this.

For Guests: you could ask who will you be helping with the language or skill (teenagers, children, business), what is the language level, and agree the times if you can for your practice sessions. What tourist attractions are close by? Most importantly, what does your Host want to achieve at the end of their time with you?

For Hosts: you could ask about whether your Guest has had any experience, and why they want to come to your country? Also, what you want to improve upon.

All of the above should give you an indication about whether you want to cambio with that person and if the experience is right for you.